Repurposed Upcycled Designer Beach Bag

5 Reasons Repurposed Products Are Suddenly All The Rage

Why Is Everyone Getting Into Repurposed Products?

I love repurposed, or upcycled products. Whatever you want to call them. My 19 year old is wearing Metallica t shirts. Has she ever even listened to Metallica? I don’t know? My 21 year old would rather shop at Goodwill than Abercrombie. I’m rocking my favorite designer purse brand on a hat now. So why have we fallen in love with the past? 

1.)  Repurposed products are not just a trend, it’s a movement! It’s clear that pre-loved products are the future of fashion and everyone who considers themselves a fashion activist wants to be on board. 

2.) Upcycling is good for the planet. We are conscious of recycling glass, plastic, and paper. Why not repurpose our favorite designer brands into something new?

3.)  I’m 50 years old this year. Do you remember your first concert? Your first designer bag? The way it smelled? The way the leather felt? Parachute pants for God’s sake? Lol. Maybe, just maybe, the past feels better than the present. 

4.) I just filled my tank up with gas today. I stood there thinking how grateful I was I could afford it. I actually was doing the math on how much a person would have to make per hour to afford a full tank of gas now. It makes my repurposed Louis Vuitton keychain (from a bag made in 1990) seem more than alright.

5.) Repurposed designer items are made by the “little” people. You can’t walk into a Walmart and buy a pair of upcycled Gucci earrings. Thank goodness. It just feels nice to support local talent. And it feels nice to feel nice. 

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